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On 04. ocotber 2017. in  Technical Overhaulin Institute of Hadzici, was presented production program of the companies in defense industry, with a focus on products of TRZ Hadžići and Zrak d.d. Sarajevo to accredited representatives of the military and diplomatic corps in BiH.

Beside  to military attaches, who expressed special interest and highly praised the presented achievements of the domestic defense industry, the presentation was attended by Deputy Minister of Defense Sead Jusić and Colonel Ismet Kadić from the Ministry of Defense and representatives of other subjects from the sector of defense industry in our country.

In the focus of the presentation was the first domestic grenade launcher, produced in TRZ Hadžići, under the designation RPG – 7 MX2, based on model of Soviet RPG – 7. Zrak d.d. Sarajevo is the manufacturer of optical sight for RPG – 7MX2. Optical sight RPG-7 is an indirect sighting device for a 40 mm handheld anti-missile launcher and launcher of explosive bombs (thermobaric grenades). Optical sight has a 2.6x magnification with a 13 degree field of view and has the option of adjusting lateral repairs. On the side of the device is a plate with optimum distances for newer series of tandem, thermobaric or OG-7 series of grenades.

An optical  sight for grenade launcher RPG -7 is designed for aiming the grenade launcher on a target, for aimed shooting and for  observation of a battlefield.