Sighting device NSB – 3

Sighting device NSB-3 serves for correct aiming when it is attached to light mortar 82 mm in day and night conditions. Collimator reticle is being used for sighting.

Elevation and traverse angles are set by means of appropriate knobs and micrometers scales  The longitudinal and cross-level bubbles after being centered by means of the weapon mechanism, indicate the exact position of weapon barrel.

Technical data:

Angular division 1/6000 and 1/6400
Elevation angle scale 0-00 to 10-00
Azimuth angle scale 0-00 to 60-00
Value of division deflection knob 1-00
deflection scale 0-01
elevation knob 1-00
elevation scale 0-01
Vial sensitivity  5´ – 7´
Mass of sighting device 0.73 kg
Mass of sighting device set 1.93 kg