PB-1 and PB-2

The Periscopic Aiming Circle PB-1 (and PB-2) is an optical instrument used for measuring of horizontal and vertical angles, magnetic azimuths and range measuring by means of measuring picket of 2 m.

The periscopic Aiming Circle is suitable for:

  • Giving of direction to basic weapon and forming of a beam;
  • Topographic connection of elements of the combat arrangement of artillery;
  • Indication of targets;
  • Observation from shelter (with periscope).

The Aiming circle is used on observation posts and firing positions of artillery and mortar units for correction of fire and watching of shots.

The PB-1 Aiming Circle has a scale 64-00, and PB-2 a scale 60-00.

Technical data:

Magnification 8x
Field of view without periscope: 6°30’
with periscope: 4°30’
Diameter of inlet pupil 19 mm
Diameter of outlet pupil 3,2 mm
Distance of outlet pupil 12 mm
Possibility of dioptric adjustment ±6 diopters
Periscopicity 300 m
Range of operation measuring of horizontal angle: 64-00 or 60-00
measuring of vertical angle: ±3-00
measuring of range (by means of picket of 2m): 50 – 400 m
Accuracy of angle measuring 0-01


Set components

Aiming Circle 1 pc
Leather envelope to hold the Aiming Circle 1 pc
Periscope 1 pc
Linen envelope to hold the periscope 1 pc
Tripod 1 pc
Linen envelope to hold tripod 1 pc
Accessories and spare parts