PAB – 2AT – Periscopic artillery aiming circle

Periscopic artillery compass PAB- 2AT represents an optomechanical instrument which, as the basic instrument in battery and devision, serves for:

  • measuring of magnetic azimuth,
  • determination of geographical azimuth,
  • instruments and weapons orientation by marking with celestial bodies,
  • measuring of horizontal and vertical angles,
  • showing of targets and
  • measuring of hits deviation and points` height of explosions.

Instruments can be used on firing posintions, observation posts and during topographical operatios.
Accuracy of azimuth reading for horizontal and vertical angles, during operation with instrument, amounts up to 0-01.
Instrument according to the magnetic needle is carried out with middle error not more then 0-01, while the accidental error can be up to 0-03.
Azimuth supplement of compass serves for the determination of geographical azimuth.
Periscope serves for operation from shelter. In the cases of using of periscope it is not possible to use compass azimuth supplement, and vice versa.


Optical data


Magnification 8x
Field of view 0-83 or 5º (in linear meas. 87m at distance of 1000m)
Entrance pupil diameter 22 mm
Exit pupil diameter 2.8 mm
Distance of exit from the last ocular lens 12.5mm
Resolving power in the centre of filed of view ≤ 6″



Magnification8 1x
Field of view
Resolution power in the centre of field of  view ≤ 7″
Periscopic ability 350mm


 Azimuth supplement

Magnification8 4x
Field of view 1-55.5 or 9º20′
Exit pupil diameter 4 mm
Resolution power in the centre of field of  view ≤ 16º
Sighting line deviation from the vertical field at sight shifting within vertical field for size of angle 90º 0-00.5 or 2′


Design data

Posibility of angle measuring horizontal:  60-00
vertical: ±3-00
Division value of goniometer plate 0-01
Division value of goniometer drum 1-00
Division value of compass plate 0-01
Division value of compas drum  1-00
Division value of site device plate 0-01
Division value of site device drum 1-00
Division value of graticule, goniometric scales 0-05
Possibility of distance measuring with measuring picket 2m long 50 to 400m
Division value of graticule distance scale from 50 to 100m: 2m
from 100 to 150m: 5m
from 150 to 200m: 10m
from 200 to 300m: 20m
from 300 to 400m: 50m
Sensitivity of circular level 0-03
Sensitivity of tubular level 2′