NSH 105 M56 – sighting devices for howitzer 105mm m56

Panoramic telescope M56A2

M56A2 Panoramic Telescope is the periscope type optical instrument that allows round viewing of battlefield and direct aiming in firing from 105mm Howitzer while being mounted at DSH-3 Range Quadrant.


Technical data:

 Magnification  4x
Field of view 1040′
Exit pupil diameter 4mm
Exit pupil distance 14mm
Eyepiece dioptric setting -0,5 to -1 dptr
Division type 1/6400


Range quadrant DSH – 3

Range Quadrant is a mechanical instrument with dependent sighting line that allows elevation aiming in indirect firing with 105mm Howitzer.


Technical data:

Scale of table angles range 0-00 to 13-00
Scale of site angles range 29 – 00 to 35 – 00
Ordnance slope ±10°
Division type 1/6400
Division value:
– at table angle unit drum
– at table angle unit micrometer
– at site device drum
– at site device micrometer
1 – 00
0 – 01
1 – 00
0 -01


Anti – tank telescope M55A1

M55A1 Anti-tank Telescope serves for aiming in direct firing on target (tanks, armored personnel carriers,…) from 105mm Howitzer.


Technical data:

 Magnification  2.8x
Field of view
Exit pupil diameter 5mm
Exit pupil distance 80mm


Quadrant M1J, measuring instrument used for measuring barrel elevation and it could be used to take sighting angle in case of sighting devices failure. KM – 1J set contains board, screwdriver and quadrant box.