NSB – 4B – Sighting device for mortars 81/82 mm and 120 mm

Sighting device NSB-4B serves for sighting during firing with mortars.It can be used for any type of mortars, if the switching connection between NSB-4B and mortars coordinated.

Vertical and horizontal angles are occupied on appropriate drums and plates.

Vertical and traversals levels, after adjusting, through weapon mechanism give occupied position of tube on the weapon.

Sighting according to the direction is done by the telescope that has the cross on itself for adjusting, with picket or some other position determining the basic direction of weapon.

Technical data:

Telescope magnification 1,8 x ± 5%
Telescope field of view 8° ± 5%
Diameter of input aperture  12,7mm
Output pupil diameter 5,5 ± 5%
Output pupil distance 25 mm
Diopter adjustment -0,5 to -1 dpt
Possibility of sighting according to height cca -13° cca +25°
 Accuracy of horizontal angles NSB-4B  0-015
 Smallest division of distance drum  1-00
 Smallest division of distance plate  0-01
 Accuracy of tabular angles  0-02
 Smallest division of tabular angles drum  1-00
 Smallest division of tabular angles plate  0-01
 Sensitivity of vertical and traversal level 5-7′
 Accuracy of sighting by plummet  0-015
 Turning possibility of telescope for  90°
 Sighting device with telescope  0.8 kg
 Total weight of NSB-4B in the box with accessories  3.5 kg