Centering microscope MC – 4

Centering microscope MC – 4 is an optical instrument which, as and additional attachement to coordinate boring machines, milling machines and universal milling machines, serves for bringing a work – piece into the axis of the working spindle of the machine, for measuring of unaccessible quotas and for the control of precisely drawn surfaces.

Accurate setting of the work – piece onto the machine is done with the maximum absolute error not exceeding 0,005 mm.

So high accuracy fully meets the requirements of accuraccy of the toolshops, workshops and even those of the specialized works.

The microscope is furnished with its own lighting. As a light source a lamp of 3 W/ 24 V will be used, and it will, through condensor, perform intensive lighting of the work – piece and/or the working surface.

The microscope ocular is set under angle of 30° for more comfortable observing.

The centering microscope MC – 4 is delivered with a cone mandrel ISO 40, Morse – 4 according to the request of the buyer.