„Zrak“ d.d. Sarajevo is also servicing and maintenance of the products / equipment in the guarantee and after waranty period. Maintenance and servicing work is done in accordance with the written procedures. Contracts may relate to:

  • Preventive – current maintenance / servicing
  • Maintenance / service
  • Complete (preventive, corrective and overhauling)


Warranty implies free maintenance – repair of defects during the warranty period. Warranty  period is 12 months.


Service and maintenance of equipment in the afterwarranty period is realized through current – preventive maintenance, intervention – corrective maintenance and overhaul maintenance/servicing.

The preventive maintenance process consists in conducting regular inspections and preventive interventions on equipment to anticipate their possible failures. Preventive maintenance/service includes activities of periodic equipment checks. In addition to maintenance/servicing of equipment, the subject of the Contract may be the training of the employees. Education can also be especially contracted in cases where it is found that incorrect handling and daily maintenance of the equipment is insufficient and is often the cause of the failure of the equipment.

Intervention or corrective maintenance includes removal of the cause and cancellation of the shipment. The Service Provider may report the failure of the equipment and the need for the intervention of the Service Provider by telephone, fax, e-mail or correspondence – Service Request.

Overhaulin implies a detailed product/equipment overview, replacement of -installation and parts, modernization of the product/equipment with the mounting of more modern components and parts.


Guarantee deadline for all equipment purchased in “Zrak” d.d. Sarajevo is 12 months from the date of purchasing.

“Zrak” d.d. Sarajevo undertakes to deliver goods with complete documentation and accompanying packaging.

In order to obtain the right to warranty, it is necessary to enclose all the documentation that comes with the product, the original warranty card and the original or a copy of the invoice confirming the purchase.


In agreement with the buyer, we provide spare parts and accessories for all our products and equipment.


Each buyer has the right to claim a purchased product or service. If the supplied equipment/product doesn’t not work or it is not in compliance with the customer specifications, it will be replaced free of charge. The appeal period is 8 (eight) days from the date of invoice.

Product Complaints are acknowledged with the presented fiscal invoice and a properly filled out warranty card as proof of purchase.