Precision mechanics

„Zrak“  d.d. Sarajevo offers machining and precision machining services for metals and non-metals.  We are able to respond to high quality processing and quality of treated surfaces whether it is serial or individual production.

In order to achieve customer requirements  we strive to increase the quality and speed of production and have invested significant resources in the renovation of the machine park in the past years. We also provide continuous professional training for employees to respond more effectively to customer requirements.

We perform the following machining services:

  1. Scraping – Scraping is done on conventional machines – universal scrapers
  2. Milling – Milling is done on universal milling machines, up to 795 mm x 495 mm
  3. CNC machining and fabrication of parts in their entirety as well as processing – dressing of existing parts
  4. Drilling is done on pile drills, radial drills and coordinate drills
  5. Grinding – precision and thread grinding and tool sharpening
  6. Surface protection of metals (brining, phosphatization, eloxation, hard chromating, chemical black staining)
  7. Thermal treatment of metal
  8. Metal and non-metal engraving – table dimensions 610 x 410 mm