About us

„Zrak“  d.d. Sarajevo is a company with the majority share of state capital with a long tradition of developing, manufacturing and assembling world class optical, opto – mechanical and optoelectronic products.

Independently and in cooperation with other research – development institutions,  „Zrak“ has developed a large range of optical and optoelectronic devices for military equipment for infantry, artillery and armored combat vehicles.

The selection of civilian products includes: riflescopes, binoculars and equipment for testing and measuring.

Production of high precision optical elements with maximum performance, includes:

  1. Optical lenses –  spherical and cylindrical
  2. Different optical filters and beam splitter
  3. Optical mirrors
  4. Various types of prizmss
  5. Reticles
  6. Optical thin layers for applications that require maximum performance

We offer our customers classic and CNC machining technology and different types of surface and thermal treatments. Some of the services that we offer to our clients  are:

  1. Machining services
  2. Surface protection services
  3. Thermal treatment services
  4. Services for the production of optical elements
  5. Production of the reticles
  6. Servicing instruments from our Assortment

Zrak d.d. Sarajevo is exporting its products in many countries all over the world due to successful corporate investment-driven managing, strengthens investor confidence and interest. The technical and technological strength of the „Zrak“  is made up of production capacities and skilled personnel, designers, constructors, technologists and highly qualified and skilled production workers that are capable of carrying out all the tasks.