Company ZRAK DD Sarajevo offers cooperation in regard to:

• delivery of finished products transfer of KNOW-HOW,

• development of devices according to customer’s requirements,

• designers and erection of factory for production of devices and systems concerning optics.

SERVICES Company ZRAK DD Sarajevo:

Technology abilities for optical treatment are:

• Production all sort of prisms,

• Production head on level,

• Production different kind of lens,

• Production optical link circuits,

• Production ant reflex layer, dielectric mirror and metal mirrors,

• Production filters and beam splitter,

• Production of reticules.

There is own laboratory with complete measurement equipment for testing optical characteristic of the parts and optical link circuits

Technology abilities for tools production are:

• Production tools for: molten, cutting and plastic deformation,

• Production sub circuits and circuits for tools,

• Production control corks and rings for control,

• Production screw mandrills and coil controls system by polishing,

• Producing tools for smelting,

• Producing different tools: milling cutters, borers i.e.

• Producing tools for special proposal.

Mechanical parts production:

• Grating and milling on the programming scrapers,

• Classic mechanic’s processing.

• Producing tooth-gearing and toothed batten

• Coordinated drilling positions,

• Engraving,

• Polishing (inside & outside)

Characteristics of the mechanical processing are precise 0,001 mm, possibilities of the all kind sort of cutting with one or more start place, possibilities of level and round grounding all positions high range of precision.

Abilities on thermal processing are:

• Braze processing and improvement of quality all kind of constructions, carbon low-alloyed and high-alloyed and tools steels,

• Annealing steel (and sealed constrictions),

• Thermal processing,

• Nitric -Teniffer method,

Abilities at galvanic are:

• Protecting-decorative layer Aluminum and Al-alloys (white and black) chemical protection,

• Nickel steel (chrominance and black),

• Zincography (white and yellow) chemical protection,

• Chromatography (decorative, hard, mat),

• Chromatography yellow,

• Browning,

• Phosphate,

• Silvering,

• Coppering.